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Rockies To The Red Rocks - Rocky Mountaineer- A Feast for the Sense
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  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Destinations: United States

Rockies to the Red Rocks DENVER | GLENWOOD SPRINGS | MOAB

Rocky Mountaineer 

Journey through two days of extraordinary landscapes with vast canyons, inspiring deserts, natural archways, and enchanting hoodoos. Filled with amazing highlights like the Ruby Canyon, Mount Logan, and the Continental Divide, this route is available in the SilverLeaf Service.

Available in 2 Day to 7 Day Journeys

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                               Rockies To The Red Rocks

Journey through two days of extraordinary landscapes. Vast canyons, inspiring deserts, natural archways and enchanting hoodoos are just a start. Available in SilverLeaf Service, this Rocky Mountaineer rail route is filled with highlights best seen by train, including Ruby Canyon, Mount Logan and crossing the Continental Divide.


Depart from Denver, where you'll set out past the towering Rockies on your journey to Glenwood Springs.


Leaving beautiful Glenwood Springs rested and relaxed as you continue heading south west for another day of extraordinary views, venturing toward the colorful archways and amazing rock formations.

SilverLeaf Plus

Rockies to the Red Rocks is available in SilverLeaf Service. Enchance your journey with SilverLeaf Plus, which comes with all the benefits of our exceptional SilverLeaf Service, plus more. Signature Cocktails, Elevated Dining Experiences and Additional Space.



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2-day rail (Denver to Moab) - 2 day, 1 night tour

Classic (Las Vegas)  - 4 days/5nights - 2 days on train

Classic (Salt Lake City) - 4 nights/5 days – 2 days on train

At Leisure (Las Vegas) - 7 nights/8 days - 2 days on train

Discovery Self-Drive (Salt Lake City) - 5 nights/6 days – 2 days on train

Explorer (Salt Lake City) - 5 nights/6 days – 2 days on train

Explorer (Las Vegas) - 7 days/6 nights – 2 days on train

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Departure Dates
Start: November 24, 2021
End: December 31, 2022
Price: Varies pp

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The following terms and conditions (this “Agreement”)
pertain to your travel onboard the Rocky Mountaineer,
operated by Great Canadian Railtour Company Ltd.
(“GCRC” or “Rocky Mountaineer”), and constitute an
agreement between you and GCRC. If you travel on an
itinerary with GCRC, you thereby agree to accept the
following terms and conditions. Your itinerary refers to
all travel components (such as rail, packages, tours,
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1. Passports & Visas
It is your sole responsibility to obtain and have
available when necessary the appropriate valid travel
documents. All guests are advised to check with their
travel agent or appropriate Government authority to
determine the necessary documents. Rocky
Mountaineer, along with airlines and cruise ships
reserve the right to refuse boarding without adequate
ID. Rocky Mountaineer is not responsible for guests
refused entry into Canada or the United States
because of inadequate documentation. Single parents
or grandparents travelling with children must ensure
proper documentation is obtained for entry.
2. Luggage
Guests travelling on Rocky Mountaineer are limited to
two checked pieces of luggage per person. Total
checked luggage weight per person is not to exceed
30 kg (66 lb.). Each piece of luggage must have an
identification tag attached to it that includes name,
return address, and telephone number. Oversized
items, e.g., sports equipment, may be subject to a
All guests’ luggage will be delivered to their
accommodations at the mid-point hotel(s) of their rail
journey. All guests travelling on Rocky Mountaineer
should carry any valuables, medications, or necessary
belongings with them onboard the train.
Guests are prohibited from carrying weapons, firearms,
ammunition, incendiary devices, explosive, flammable,
hazardous, illegal, or radioactive materials or other
potentially dangerous items. Rocky Mountaineer has
the right to search any guest’s luggage or personal
effects for any such items and in its sole discretion may
confiscate, store, destroy, or surrender to an
appropriate authority any item that it reasonably
considers is or may become dangerous, and to refuse
boarding, or remove, any passenger who declines to
cooperate in such a search or to surrender such an
Money, jewelry, negotiable papers, cameras, video
and electrical equipment, electronic devices,
computers and accessories, cellular telephones,
medical equipment, sporting goods, wheelchairs,
personal mobility devices, walkers, and strollers are
checked at the owner’s risk. Rocky Mountaineer is not
responsible for any loss or damage caused to or by
these articles and they are subject to Rocky
Mountaineer’s Maximum Liability policy as described
Maximum Liability Policy: Maximum Liability for loss or
damage to personal checked baggage and specialty
items is limited to a maximum of $500 CAD or
$500USD per piece of checked luggage, dependent
upon the country of travel. Rocky Mountaineer will not
cover replacement cost of misdirected or damaged
luggage and contents. Liability is restricted to personal
luggage consisting of wearing apparel, toilet articles or
similar effects for personal use and comfort, as well as
articles other than personal luggage, which may be
checked and handled in accordance with Rocky
Mountaineer’s luggage policy. Liability does not apply
to carry-on luggage, items transported for or belonging
to other persons, or items intended for sale. Rocky
Mountaineer is not liable for damage resulting from
over-packing or non-structural damage considered
normal wear and tear, such as scratches, scuffs, nicks,
missing pull straps, zipper damage, damage to wheels,
manufacturers’ defects, soils, stains, or spillage. Please
contact a Rocky Mountaineer representative if you
have any questions about the materials you intend to
transport. Except as specifically provided in this
paragraph, loss or damage to luggage will be subject
to the limitation of liability contained in section 10 of
this Agreement.
Other Suppliers: Certain itineraries have baggage
restrictions due to either accommodation style or
transportation requirements. Please refer to your
documentation for full details. Your baggage must be
in compliance with the requirements of the other
3. Travel Documents
To receive your travel documents prior to departure,
final payment must be received in our office 60 days
prior to departure. Your travel documents will be made
available to you at least 30 days prior to departure. If a
booking is made within 30 days of departure, travel
documents will be sent electronically. Guests will be
advised of their mid-point hotel(s) accommodation upon
4. Connecting Travel
Please arrive at designated Rocky Mountaineer
departure point as indicated in your travel documents a
minimum of 30 minutes prior to boarding time to ensure
your luggage is checked and your travel documents are
in order. We strongly recommend that you not make
onward travel arrangements the night of arrival at
your destination. Train travel is subject to unforeseen
delays, and departure and arrival times cannot be
guaranteed. Rocky Mountaineer is not responsible for
missed connections.
5. Photographs and Recordings
Guests agree that they will utilize any photographs,
video, film, or other visual or audio recordings made
during their journey solely for personal, noncommercial purposes. Guests grant to Rocky
Mountaineer an irrevocable, perpetual worldwide
licence, to utilize any such visual or audio recordings of
or including the portrayal or likeness of the guest for
any purpose, including the advertising or promotion of
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6. Guest Responsibilities
Emergency Contact Information. For the safety and
security of all guests, Rocky Mountaineer requires InTravel Emergency Contact Information for all guests so
they can be reached in the event of an in-travel
emergency. Guests will be requested to provide the
required information via the Guest Portal at
Mobility and Medical Conditions. Guests who have
medical condition(s) or mobility restrictions that may
require accommodation during their journey must
provide full details during the booking process to
ensure their needs and requirements can, when
possible, be met. Not all itineraries sold by GCRC are
suitable for all guests. Our Vacation Consultants can
advise of the suitability of itineraries depending on
needs of individual guests. Failure to disclose
requirements may result in an inability to deliver the
services as booked and GCRC will not be responsible
for cancellation penalties, loss of services or any other
losses, costs or expenses incurred as a result of a
guest’s failure to provide details of his or her needs and
requirements. Guests who require assistance must be
accompanied by another guest who is able to provide
all the assistance required (our staff cannot provide
such assistance). Rocky Mountaineer reserves the right
to refuse guests carriage if they are not accompanied
by a guest able to provide the required assistance, and
Rocky Mountaineer will not be responsible for any
associated losses, costs or expenses. Guests with
mobility issues should refer to
www.rockymountaineer.com for further details.
Behaviour. For their safety and security, guests are
expected to comply with the directions of Rocky
Mountaineer onboard hosts and management. In the
rare event that Rocky Mountaineer onboard hosts or
management determine that a guest’s behaviour,
health, or mental condition could be detrimental to the
operation of the journey or to other guests, or poses a
risk to the safety and security of other guests or to the
onboard team, or is in violation of any applicable
regulation or law, we reserve the right to detrain those
guests. Guests who are detrained for such reasons will
be responsible for their own transportation to the next
stop on their journey and no refund or compensation
will be offered, including without limitation for any
missed components of their journey.
All pets or animals (excluding certified service dogs) are
prohibited from travelling onboard Rocky Mountaineer.
Any requirement for a certified service animal to
accompany a guest should be submitted, in writing, at
time of booking, or a minimum of 30 days prior to
travelling with Rocky Mountaineer.
TERMS & CONDITIONS: 2021 Travel Year
Updated December 21, 2020
7. Alcohol Consumption and Smoking
The service and consumption of alcoholic beverages
will be limited to guests of legal drinking age in the
province or state of operation. Guests are reminded to
consume alcohol in moderation. Consumption of
personal alcohol is not permitted onboard.
To ensure the preservation of the fragile environment of
the areas in which we travel and for the comfort of all
guests, there is a no smoking or vaping policy including
cigarettes, cannabis, cigars, and e-cigarettes onboard
Rocky Mountaineer, including vestibules, restrooms,
inside stations, on the platforms, or near the tracks. And
there is no smoking in hotel rooms. We recommend that
you prepare for the journey accordingly.
8. Possible Alterations Rocky Mountaineer
reserves the right to modify, alter, or substitute all or
any part of its services when reasonably necessary or
advisable. Should this occur, Rocky Mountaineer
agrees to provide the best alternative reasonably
available. Every effort will be made to adhere to the
specifics shown herein; however, circumstances may
necessitate alteration, including the occasional
accommodation change from properties listed in this
brochure. Hence, all fares, schedules, itineraries, hours
of arrival and departure, air schedules, and special
programs are subject to change without notice at any
time. Rocky Mountaineer will not under any
circumstances be liable to refund guest payments as a
result of modification, alteration, or substitution of
services, subject only to the limited claims in respect of
cancellation by Rocky Mountaineer set out in section 12
of this Agreement.
9. Supplier’s Liabilities
GCRC acts as an agent for and makes arrangements
with airlines, hotels, bus lines, and other independent
parties to provide you with non-rail travel services and
accommodations. Although great care is taken to
choose suppliers, we are unable to directly control
them and therefore we are not responsible for their acts
or omissions. The travel services provided by these
suppliers are subject to the conditions imposed by
these suppliers, and their liability may be limited by their
tariffs, conditions of carriage, international conventions,
and agreements.

10. Company Liability
You assume all risks of your participation in rail tour
operations, travel services, accommodations, and other
services, facilities, products, or events provided in
connection with this Agreement (all of which are
collectively referred to as the “Itinerary”), and you waive
and release all claims that you may have or acquire
against GCRC and its officers, directors, employees, and
agents (all of whom are collectively referred to as the
“Releasees”) arising from or related, directly or
indirectly, to the Itinerary, including claims arising from
the negligence of any Releasee, and including (without
restriction) claims for or arising from personal injury,
death, property damage, delay, inconvenience,
advertising, misrepresentation, loss of revenue or profit,
loss of enjoyment, upset, distress, or frustration,
whether physical, mental, or otherwise, expenses,
travel, or accommodation costs, claims for punitive
damages, claims for unjust enrichment, profits, waiver
of tort, non-monetary loss, injunctive relief, or any other
form of remedy, subject only to the limited claims in
respect of loss of luggage or cancellation by Rocky
Mountaineer set out in sections 2 and 12 of this
11. Force Majeure
GCRC will not be responsible for the performance of
this Agreement if prevented or delayed by acts of God,
strikes or other labour relations matters, accidents,
weather, traffic, airport conditions, lack of performance
by third-party suppliers, or other causes beyond their
reasonable control from meeting its terms. Nor will they
be responsible for any loss or damage relating to train
cancellations or any other cancellations.
12. Cancellation Policies
Please refer to the Deposit and Cancellation
Schedule below:
Deposit and Cancellation Schedule
Days prior to
Deposit per
Cancellation penalty
per person
61+ 20% of Itinerary
20% of Itinerary
46–60 100% of Itinerary
payment due
50% of Itinerary
0–45 100% of Itinerary
payment due
100% of Itinerary
Cancellation by Rocky Mountaineer: Rocky Mountaineer
may, in its sole discretion, cancel an itinerary or portion
of an itinerary at any time, prior to departure. Other than
as a result of force majeure, Rocky Mountaineer will
repay the deposit or charges for the itinerary or, where
appropriate, a reasonable pro rata share thereof. In the
event of cancellation of an itinerary in progress, Rocky
Mountaineer may select and make available alternative
transportation by bus or other means from the point of
cancellation to the location where the cancelled
itinerary was scheduled to conclude, or the place of its
commencement, and reasonable accommodation (if
any) required in the course of that return transportation.
In no circumstances will Rocky Mountaineer be liable to
provide or pay for any further payment, compensation,
transportation, or accommodation including (without
restriction) further transportation to your home or any
other location. Except as specifically provided in this
paragraph, the cancellation of an itinerary or portion of
an itinerary by Rocky Mountaineer will be subject to the
limitation of liability contained in section 10 of this
Cancellation by guest: If you cancel a confirmed
reservation, notification from you or your travel agent
must be received by telephone in Rocky Mountaineer’s
office or by email to:
Travel professionals may e-mail:
Please see the Deposit and Cancellation Schedule
for cancellation penalties. Cancellation penalties may
be subject to GST.
Penalties will be calculated per person and based on
the date the cancellation notice is first received.
There will be no exceptions to any of the penalties.
A change in train departure date (either rail-only
or as part of an itinerary) is considered a
cancellation. A change in the names of the guests
on the booking (either rail-only or as part of an
itinerary) is considered a cancellation.
Refund Policy: Requests for refunds must be directed
in writing to your travel agent or Rocky Mountaineer.
Refunds will be in the same currency as the final
payment and deposit. Unless stated otherwise, no
refunds will be made because of airline delays,
unused services, or other acts beyond the sole
control of Rocky Mountaineer.
13. Website Pricing
a. Rocky Mountaineer cannot be held responsible for
any changes that may occur and reserves the right to
increase the price of any travel arrangement up to the
date of booking confirmation. This includes, but is not
limited to, exchange rate adjustments, fuel surcharges,
and airfare increases. Deposits along with final
payments must be in the same currency as the booking.
Changes to bookings such as alterations of services, or
cancellations are charged in the same currency of the
original booking, and each change is subject to the
current pricing as per the date of change. Prices
displayed are per person based on double occupancy.
Prices for singles, triples, and quads are available.
b. Exchange Rate. The exchange rate used in
calculating website prices has been determined by
Rocky Mountaineer based upon current currency
exchange rates.
14. Sales and other taxes
All prices are subject to sales and other taxes which
vary by jurisdiction and product. You will be charged on
confirmation of your booking. At the time of booking all
taxes will be finalized and applied to your final invoice
and viewable on your final booking confirmation.
15. Product and Service Exclusions
The following costs are not included unless otherwise
specified: Sales and other taxes, fuel surcharges,
transfers, gratuities, alcoholic beverages, meals, room
service or other hotel incidentals, items of a personal
nature, and all other items not specified in the
description of the applicable Itinerary. We reserve the
right to pass on any additional costs charged by our
suppliers. No right of cancellation exists in this

Airfare, taxes, surcharges, gratuities, transfers, port charges and excursions are additional unless otherwise indicated. Fuel surcharges, government taxes, other surcharges, deposit, payment and cancellation terms/conditions are subject to change without notice. Baggage fees are not included in your trip cost, you should re-verify with the airline directly or on their website prior to your departure for current details on allowable luggage pieces, fees, size, and weight limitations since they vary from airline to airline. See link to research baggage fees and information: http://www.iflybags.com. Rates quoted are per person, land only, and based on adult double occupancy unless otherwise stated. Discounts, products, vendors, rates, terms, conditions, availability and itinerary are subject to change without notice. Cruise rates are capacity controlled. Certain restrictions may apply. AAA members must make advance reservations through AAA Travel to obtain Member Benefits and savings. Member Benefits may vary based on departure date. Be advised that any and all costs associated with air reservations made outside of these packages will not be refunded by AAA or the tour operator in the event of an unforeseen change and/or cancellation by you and/or the tour operator. Not responsible for errors or omissions. Rates are accurate at the time of printing and are subject to availability and change. AAA Ohio acts only as an agent for the various tour and/or cruise providers listed and is not responsible for the actions or inactions of such providers. AAA Vacations® Best Price Guarantee and 24/7 Member Care are applicable to AAA members only.

AAA Travel Alert: During these uncertain times, many travel destinations have implemented COVID-19-related health and safety restrictions and entry requirements. Please check to see if local authorities, hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, attractions, and restaurants at your intended travel destination have issued health and safety-related alerts, entry requirements or other restrictions. These new travel restrictions may be imposed or amended with little warning. Failure to comply with applicable rules may result in denied entry or quarantine upon arrival. (Note: As things change, so do policies. We’ll do our best to stay on top of things, but always be sure to check with a provider directly.)